Revisiting The Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus, Perhaps The Best Patek Philippe Replica

Ah yes, the replica Patek Philippe Nautilus… When talking about high quality replica watches, this baby simply cannot be overlooked. Its popularity spans well beyond the brand, which in the replica world, owes much of its popularity to the Nautilus and to some (smaller) extent, to the Patek Philippe Calatrava replica collection, which although not as popular as the former, still gets some credit due to its timeless simplicity if you will.

Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus - In-depth Review
Revisiting The Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus

Pretty big words, huh? It kinda sounds funny to me too as I read it but since I’m talking about the Patek Philippe replica collection here, it is only natural. I guess there’s no point in giving a history lesson, as I’m sure you all know that Patek is one of the most appreciated if not the highest regarded watch brands and alongside with AP and VC, forms the “Holy Trinity” as many watch aficionados like to call it.

Anyway, as you’re well aware, this is not my first Patek Philippe Nautilus replica review, but since I’ve got so much feedback on the previous ones, I guess they’re fun to read for you guys just as they’re fun for me to write them. So, let’s go ahead and take an even closer look at one of my favorite watches, the awesome Patek Philippe Nautilus replica. I’m going to include a nice set of photos as well as a video, a thing I didn’t do in previous reviews, I guess it would be nice to have them all in the same place.

Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus – General Outlook

As a general preference, I’m a sucker for big, bulky, really manly timepieces. Despite it’s relatively small size (40mm), the Patek Philippe Nautilus replica is one of my favorite watches and it’s always a pleasure to have it hanging on my (small) wrist.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica - A Perfect Fit For My Small Wrist
Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica – Wristshot

The Nautilus is available in a few other color combinations as well, but I think none is better than this one and please correct me if I’m mistaken but this is how the Jumbo (Patek ref 3700/1 came out). The faded dark blue dial is pretty hard to capture in all its splendor, as the color changes depending on the way the light hits it. Just saying, no matter how skilled a photographer can be, a Patek Philippe Nautilus replica will never get the justice it truly deserves. This is generally valid for all high quality replica watches, it’s pretty hard to capture the whole essence of a timepiece only from a couple of snapshots.

Nautilus Replica Dial Closeup
Nautilus Replica Dial Closeup

I think the replica Patek Philippe Nautilus is a watch that combines vintage with modern elements like very few others can. Whereas the Patek Philippe Calatrava replica displays mostly vintage looks, with the Nautilus, there’s such a big contrast between the simple dial and the overall case shape, including the simply amazing looking bracelet, and I’m sure that a lot of people find this very appealing. Actually, they do, hence its popularity.

Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus Movement

I was saying that this baby is perhaps the best Patek Philippe replica. Besides its crisp and clean looks, the movement has a big saying in this as well.

Fake Patek Nautilus - Awesome Movement
Nautilus Replica Movement Closeup

It’s a Japanese self-winding movement, giving the seconds hand a nice and fluent sweeping motion and as far reliability goes, it’s precise and has a good power reserve (well over 24 hours), so as long as you’re wearing it, there’s no need to worry about running out of juice. Besides the technical aspect, it is also a pleasure to look at it through the clear case back. I’d say it’s right on par with the P3000 clones, which are just as awesome to look at. But that’s what you get with high quality replica watches, high quality movements.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica Review – The Fold

Keep one thing in mind when sporting one of these beauties, the original goes for about 20K, which means not everybody can actually afford it so that’s probably it’s biggest giveaway. As far as looks go, don’t worry about it, there aren’t too many people who know by heart every single detail because not a lot of people get to see one of these babies in real life.

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