Patek Philippe Replica Watches, an auction at Christie’s 100 rare specimens

Christie’s will auction 100 exceptional timepieces of Patek Philippe Replica, on the occasion of the 175 years of the Swiss fashion house. Are part of the catalog lots of great value, devoted to excellence, 58 of which have never appeared in public. Their bale construction in a date range that spans from the beginning of the nineteenth century and the end of the eighties.

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Framed by the sale, scheduled for November 9, will be the city of Geneva, where the tradition of the timepiece is its high-end home. Easy to imagine a strong interest from collectors, with a bidding war among potential buyers, ready to make the highest bid to win one of the valuable models offered to their temptation.

Pending the highlight, it has been provided for the exhibitions in the US, Europe and Asia, to allow -anticipatamente the date dell’asta- to fans and collectors watchmaking high-end to view these masterpieces.

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For its European leg, Christie’s chose the Clocks Luigi Verga Milan -from over 60 years authoritative point of reference for collectors and lovers of high gamma Patek Philippe replica watch that last October 7, 2014 has had the pleasure of setting up its display windows presenting a selection of sublime timepiece, which hardly can see together in one exhibition canvas.

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