Patek Philippe Replica Watch Strap Review – Two Stitch Straps

Over two years ago, on 13th September 2014 the first Patek Philippe Replica Watch Strap Review was published on Fratello Watches. Since then, I attempted to bring a new strap maker to your attention every month. A few times RJ or Mike took over, we might have skipped a month but we are still here. This is the 25th episode of replica Watch Strap Review and I have yet another country to add to the ever-growing list. This versions is about a very harmonious young business from Serbia. Ivan – together with his two partners – is taking this thing seriously. Despite his young age of 25 he communicates, acts and runs his business with such professionalism it’s pretty prominent. He is also a expert watch journalist for the Serbian watch fans. So for the 25th edition of Watch Strap Review please meet: Two Stitch Straps.

patek philippe chiming jump hour replica watches
patek philippe chiming jump hour replica watches

The Lineup

The repertoire of Two Stitch Straps of patek philippe world time moon limited edition copy watch is not large right now, but every strap they make is well-produced without exception. We will get back to this later. Their fundamental lineup includes five colors (honey, coal, black, beige, cognac) and two types of stitching (cross- or two-stitch). These are only the ready-made straps of course. The real curiosity is in their custom made straps. I received four straps from, a 20mm honey with two-stitch, a 20mm coal with cross-stitch, a 20mm black with two-stitch and a custom strap, which I will reveal a bit later. With a price at €45 with free shipping over the order of 2 straps or more, these strap are great bang for the buck.  They are made of calf leather and their number one priority is firm. The kind of straps that will look better with age but won’t deteriorate.


The first strap I put it on a best replica watch from Two Stitch Straps was the two-stitch leather honey. It went straight to the Speedmaster and still resides on it in fact. The honey brown color with the black painted sides give a good comparison to the strap. It also slims in don a bit and help to blend with many watches with black base color, like the Speedy. I received a 20mm version, with 18mm on the buckle end. You can get many sized from Two Stitch Straps though. 18/16, 22/20 or any custom size is available. Just let them know what you need by sending them an email and they make a custom sized strap, or you can order the ready-made versions.

replica patek philippe world timer in rose gold
replica patek philippe world timer in rose gold


The second strap is the simplest and most refined one of the bunch. The Black Replica Watches Two Stitch Straps does not want to look more than it actually is. There are many makers who manufacture these types of classic straps. Why choose Two Stitch Straps? For everything you read above and will read below. The great price, the nice tapered appearance, the painted sides, the minimal stitching, the keepers that are glued and stitched are all the attributes of this strap. These types of straps are a must to have for any swiss copy watch geek. They are minimalist with a great feel on the wrist.


A bit lighter than the black and already with a nice patinated surface, the Coal colored Two Stitch Straps made its way to a vintage patek philippe advanced research perpetual calendar replica watches. To match but lighten up the all black dial of the Patek Philippe we pick to use this amazing leather strap. Again 20/18 and the same length as the previous too at 120mm and 80mm. Nicely tapered calf leather with black crossed stitching. Not much of a fan of crossed stitching visually but this blends in with the color of the strap. The Coal strap will definitely deliver a nice patina over the years and because of the color, you can basically pair it with any vintage watch for that matter.

replica patek philippe watches for women
replica patek philippe watches for women


I chhoosed my favorite one for last.  As I told you before the guys are happy to do a custom order on any of their existing models, and more. They specialize themselves in producing straps that fits the patek philippe nautilus mens imitation watches folding clasp exclusively. What we have here though is a custom Yema rally strap. Two Stitch Straps took and original vintage Yema strap and created an homage as approach to the original as possible.

If you have the classic Yema buckle they can do it by the accurate same measurement as the original was. Since I don’t have a buckle they made an 18/16 for my Yema Rallye and I have to say it looks super cool and original on the patek philippe replica ladies rose gold diamond watch. If you have a Yema having the original vintage strap is a must. Those however are getting hard to find by the day. Hence the option from the boys of Two Stitch Straps is a very safe bet in completing the look. They charge you €68 for it but you can choose your size, length, stitching etc. I went with the original look regarding color and stitching. It would be nice to see it on a Yema Yachting with a different color.

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