Patek Philippe Replica: The Universal now has a completely different role

The World Time Patek Philippe has a new look: one of the most complex and traditional replica watches, loved by discerning collectors, it changes its look and updates


The World Time Patek Philippe (Worldtime) is one of the most complex wristwatches that are known. The Baselworld 2016, which ended recently, was the strategic moment to relaunch the Patek Philippe World Time, with new features and a review of the case of the dial and hands, in addition to updating the dial ruguardo 24 time zones . Some time zones in fact are defined today by new names (replaces Riad Dubai and Brisbane replaces Noumea, to cite just two examples), after UTC + 4, Moscow has approached Western Europe have long applied by taking the time local UTC + 3. These changes require regular adjustments to the statements appearing on the disk of the cities in the Patek Philippe World Time Replica watches. Which is why it was decided to cease production of the previous models and cast one again with the new scale valid for the whole world.
A new design for a classic

Patek Philippe took advantage of this “update” time zone to completely revisit the role of this timepiece without changing its traditional nature and, therefore, adopting subtle touches that did not alter its original malo feel enriched by contemporary details. very contemporary. Wrist watches Patek Philippe World Time have always been a quality support for these ancestral techniques.
In our increasingly globalized world and always connected, watches Now Universal tools are more useful than ever: to know the local time of the place to which you travel or with whom we are in contact, therefore, is essential information. Patek Philippe World Time replica watches fulfill this task in a particularly readable and efficient, allowing you to view the set of 24 time zones at a glance. The center of the dial highlights the local time now whose “name” is located above the small red arrow at 12, shown in a classic way with hour and minute hands. The local time of the other 23 time zones are read on the 24-hour disk, which rotates counterclockwise inside the city disk. The minute hand is true for each time zone.

This ease of use has its origins in an invention Geneva watchmaker Louis Cottier that dates back to 1930, further optimization and patented by Patek Philippe Replica. When you arrive in another time zone, simply press the button 10 hours by the number of times needed to appear above the red arrow at 12 the name of the city that represents the new time zone. Each time you press, the hour hand moves forward one hour, mentrei discs of cities and 24 hours go back by one step counterclockwise.
Despite its sophisticated mechanism of time zones and automatic charging system, this movement is only 3.88 mm thick, the ideal size for a slim and stylish replica watch. The charging device is based on the architecture patented in 1977, with integrated mini rotor bridge level. So that it guarantees outstanding performance charge despite its small diameter, the rotor is made of solid 22-carat gold.

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