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Patek Philippe Chairman Tells Swiss Fake Watch Industry To Slow Down

The people who make some of Switzerland’s most expensive patek philippe  fake watches have a word of advice for the rest of the industry: Slow down.

That might help avoid a repeat of the last two years, when watchmakers had to cut jobs and repurchase inventory after their rush into the Chinese market hit a wall. As more than two dozen brands prepare to showcase their creations at Geneva’s watch fair next week, a handful of unlisted companies that avoided the worst of the debacle say there are ways to bypass the boom-and-bust cycle.

“You shouldn’t rush,” said Patek Philippe Chairman Thierry Stern, crossing his arms in a conference room at company headquarters near Geneva. “It’s more important to preserve rarity. Most brands had to rush, because they had to achieve figures, shareholders were pushing them. For us it’s not the same.”

Switzerland has churned out more than 1 billion watches over the past four decades, and the industry is eager for signs that the worst downturn in demand since the 1980s may be ending. Richemont, which makes timepieces under a dozen brands including Cartier, said Thursday sales of patek philippe twenty 4 womens stainless steel watch at its own stores rose over the Christmas season. Total revenue at the watch unit dropped amid weak orders from other retailers. Shares in Richemont and Swatch Group AG surged on optimism the worst was over.

Still, Patek, Audemars Piguet and Richard Mille executives say they have an advantage over publicly traded Swiss watchmakers because they don’t have shareholders hounding them to increase production, which would undercut the scarcity of their luxury items.

All three brands have had sales growth for at least half a decade and haven’t resorted to job cuts. Richemont, by contrast, eliminated about 200 positions last year. Swatch’s revenue is expected to drop 8 percent in 2016, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Richard Mille, which hired 25 people last year, recorded sales growth of 22 percent, even as the market shrank. Its watches sell for an average of 180,000 Swiss francs ($178,500).

replica patek philippe watches
replica patek philippe watches

“We do whatever we want, we don’t have to please shareholders,” Audemars Piguet Chief Executive Officer Francois-Henry Bennahmias said in his office in Le Brassus, an hour’s snowy drive from Geneva. “Many watchmakers are opening more doors instead of shrinking distribution, which is what they should be doing. We’ve also always made a point not to increase production like crazy, which has helped us a lot.”

Richemont declined to comment. A Swatch spokesman said the company doesn’t act under pressure from shareholders and analysts, and that its own stores were performing best, especially in challenging times.

The Swiss watch industry isn’t new to trauma. It survived the quartz crisis, in which competition from battery-powered watches in the 1970s and 1980s led some 60,000 jobs to disappear. Swatch’s namesake mass-market plastic watch kept factories running, helping the industry survive.

By 2010, a main driver for Swiss watchmakers was booming demand in China and Hong Kong. That led brands owned by Swatch and Richemont to increase production, push prices higher and open more stores in the region. Then, a campaign against extravagant spending and corruption in China crimped demand for patek philippe calatrava 18k screw back automatic watch there. More recently, terrorist attacks have cut the numbers of free-spending Chinese tourists coming to Europe.

Still, Swiss watch exports to mainland China have rebounded in recent months, and Hong Kong neared a return to growth in November. A recovery could mean that the listed groups would have advantage on their side again.

fake patek philippe calatrava
fake patek philippe calatrava

“Large players suffer from a greater fixed cost base and a greater store network, while smaller companies can be more nimble,” said John Guy, an analyst at MainFirst Bank in London. “On the other hand, those large players that pushed into China during the boom will be in the best position to reap the benefits if the market environment starts to improve.”

To Zuzanna Pusz, an analyst at Berenberg, being listed doesn’t necessarily create more pressure on management, especially as both Swatch and Richemont are run by families. Swatch’s biggest shareholders are CEO Nick Hayek and Chairwoman Nayla Hayek, while Richemont Chairman Johann Rupert has control of his company’s voting shares.

“They’ve historically been more focused on creating value in the long term and less so on just pleasing shareholders in the short-term,” Pusz said. “The reality is we don’t really know how well or badly the unlisted companies are doing, since we don’t have the same transparency. I doubt Patek and the rest are growing double-digit now.”

Last year the industry exported more than 20 million patek philippe multi-scale chronograph copy watches, bringing the grand total to 2.7 billion Swiss timepieces since 1885, when records began.

“The Swiss watch industry has produced too many watches,” said Richard Mille, CEO of the namesake brand, which produced 3,550 pieces last year. “Many groups today are paying for the fact that they were pushed by shareholders for volume, volume, volume.”

Patek Phillipe Luxury Replica Watch

Replica Patek: Collecting Strategies

I will be honest with you. I have been struggling with the following question for a long time:

How should I go about collecting Patek Philippe wrist replica watches?

The point is although I own a few of their modern watches, I do not own any vintage pieces yet. It is kind of crazy I admit that. It is my absolute intention to change this. My reason for not purchasing a single vintage Patek watch had not to do with resources but rather strategy: I simply did not know where to begin.

Do I concentrate on white metals only? Do I buy gold or rose gold too? Or what about collecting only Patek steel watches? If the metals to choose from are not confusing enough – what about the models? Do I start with collecting time only models or do I go for the complicated models like a perpetual calendar or chronograph?

patek philippe gondolo women's 18k rose gold watch
patek philippe gondolo women’s 18k rose gold watch

And from which time period do I start? With the 1920s and 1930’s where Patek made some killer rectangular patek philippe ladies gondolo rose gold diamond fake watch (think Gondolo) or do I go for the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s – for the golden period of Patek production – but also the most expensive to collect? It was my inability to answer these questions that have put me in the situation I am in today and why I have not yet started to collect any vintage Patek so far.

But I seemed to have found an answer. Let me share it with you.

I was leafing through the book of collecting Patek Philippe wristwatches by Patrizzi (the three volume edition) where pretty much every single Patek Philippe ever made is illustrated. I spent hours and days going through this book and realized two things: 1) Patek Philippe steel, white gold or platinum  ladie’s calatrava watches are just extremely rare compared to gold. This is good. I like rarity. 2) Some of my favourite models in the world just look better in white metal.

I am talking about the 3448 – main picture above (for an in-depth on the 3448 see post here), the 2552 in platinum (another one of my dream watches) not to mention the 2526 (it is my dream to find either a platinum or white gold version with diamonds and silvered dial, or a platinum version with enamel dial). The 130 is another dream new patek philippe jewellery imitation watches of mine and I also think this model looks better in steel than in gold.

Patek Phillipe Luxury Replica Watch
Patek Phillipe Luxury Replica Watch

With a few exceptions (like the 1518 which I find a dream in pink gold or a 530 in any metal) I will concentrate on finding Patek in only white metals. Steel, white gold and platinum. I will for the most part avoid buying any gold Patek wristwatches (with the odd exception of course). As from which time period, I think I will just be open and take the opportunities as they come.

Concentrating on only white metal Patek, makes sense also because I already own a few gold Rolex watches and I believe many Rolex models look superb in gold. There is something about Rolex and the gold metal that will always be fascinating and powerful. Not so with Patek Philippe.

The noblest of watchmakers on balance looks better in the white metal. This is the conclusion I have made for myself. Let me show you a few pictures to illustrate what I mean.

patek philippe twenty 4 womens stainless steel fake watch
patek philippe twenty 4 womens stainless steel fake watch

One of the most elegant patek philippe nautilus womens 18k rose gold watches ever made from Patek is the 3448. It looks sophisticated in white gold. This is my preferred choice for the 3448.

The Ref 130 is also a model that I think just looks best in steel and is more attractive than gold or pink gold. This was another killer watch I let go by. Do you notice the stamp on the upper left lug?

No it is not a precious metal stamp but rather the stamp indicates a Portuguese Importation mark. This patek philippe quartz white gold & diamonds copy watch sold at Christies this May 2016 for CHF 209’000.

Would you like to see a 130 but sector dial? Looks also splendid in steel.

I also prefer the mighty Ref 530 in steel than in precious metals. Agreed? This Astrua signed sector dial fetched CHF 1.2m in Geneva earlier this year.

Next is a hyper rare 570 in Platinum with a sub seconds – a combination (which if originally issued) is very very rare.

Let us move to another very cool reference 565 in steel, this time with Breguet numerals. This patek philippe twenty 4 womens 18k rose gold watch looks superb in steel.

We finish with another all time favourite reference of mine from Patek – the simple (but extremely well designed) ref 96.

Ref 96 is the quintessential Patek in my view – the first Calatrava model of Patek. Below an example with ‘flat bar’ indexes – for me the most attractive version of the ref 96. This ref 96 is an early version from 1937 and notice the long signature on the watch.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5976/1G

From Zeros To Heroes: The Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1P And 5976/1G Anniversary Watches

On October 3, 2016, Patek Philippe launched two hotly anticipated limited-edition watches in commemoration of the fortieth anniversary of its patek philippe nautilus replica line: a chronograph in white gold (Reference 5976/1G) and a time-and-date model in platinum (Reference 5711/1P).

In departure from prior practices, there was no lavish launch event: British GQ’s watch and jewelry supplement published an exclusive photo feature on the 5976G the day prior to the full-scale launch, and extensive online coverage of both patek philippe nautilus 5712r-001 18k rose gold watches followed the next day pursuant to the press release being disseminated.

Reaction from the watch community was immediate – and scathing. Yet barely a few weeks later, opinions were much more positive. By early December even many early critics declared themselves enthusiastic converts and eager buyers.

Patek Philippe 40th Anniversary Nautilus Chronograph in white gold
Patek Philippe 40th Anniversary Nautilus Chronograph in white gold

What happened, what are these watches really like when seen in person, and what can we learn from all of this?
How events unfolded

More than one of my Nautilus-loving friends spent a decent amount of the late summer and early autumn speculating on the potential form of the upcoming anniversary watch or patek philippe nautilus annual calendar watches.

And while they had hoped for invitations to a Nautilus anniversary launch event, none materialized for one simple reason: to some extent in recognition of current industry conditions, Patek Philippe had decided on a more virtual strategy for introducing its two new watches, among other things depending heavily on a set of photographs taken by noted commercial photographer Jean-Paul Cattin to provide the visuals for the launch.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Reference 5976/1G on the authors wrist
Patek Philippe Nautilus Reference 5976/1G on the authors wrist

I’ve visited Cattin’s website several times now and have been impressed on each occasion with the way that he has brought a variety of Swiss-made luxury products to life.

As an amateur photographer, I’ve also noted that in some campaigns he utilizes a bright and fairly uniformly lit style that is dramatic, but can make objects appear quite different from how they would look in natural light.

In the case of the Nautilus anniversary patek philippe nautilus chronograph watches, several of the launch images were brightly lit in ways that accentuated the watches’ most provocative features: applied diamond hour markers and what rapidly became known online as “tombstone” inscriptions on the dials that designate the 1976 origin of the Nautilus, the fortieth anniversary, and 2016 issue date of the pieces.

There was also some initial confusion about the size of Reference 5976: in actuality the diagonal distance across the bezel is 44 mm, but that dimension was incorrectly reported in many accounts to be 49.25 mm (originating with the GQ post), which is the total distance across the case including the nautically themed flanges.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5976/1G
Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5976/1G

Neither of these sizes is tiny, but envisioning the larger diameter led to visions of a truly gargantuan watch.

The anniversary watches in hand and on the wrist

Like everyone else, I had the opportunity to view the initial press photos and to read the initial reactions online.

Happily, I also had the opportunity in early November 2016 at Patek Philippe’s Geneva salon to handle both the 5711P and 5976G and to see one “in the wild” on the wrist of a good friend who took delivery of a 5711 during our visit.

I subsequently saw a second example of the same fake patek philippe nautilus chronograph watch worn by another watch pal.

Copy Patek Philippe Celebrates 20 Years Of Its Iconic Advertising Campaign

This year, Patek Philippe celebrates 20 years of its famed advertising campaign that took the world by storm when it was launched in 1996: “You never actually own a Patek Philippe…”  So intriguing is the concept that it has lasted the brand a full 20 years – with renewed attention year after year for its on-point statement.

In fact, as recently as March 2015, The Atlantic published an article asking advertising professionals from around the world “What is the Best Advertising Campaign of All Time?” Answers were published from ad executives and specialists and included ads on everything from salt to computers to new patek philippe replica black leather strap watches.

patek philippe generations ad campaign
patek philippe generations ad campaign

In that article, Tim Calkins, professor of marketing at Kellogg School of Management answered: “How do you sell a $250 watch when people can buy an accurate one for $10? Patek Philippe’s ‘Generations’ ads, featuring fathers and sons and the line, ‘You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.’ A Patek watch which scratch-resistant sapphire crystal isn’t a device for telling time. It’s an heirloom that transfers values across generations.”

This is the ringing truth behind the slogan that has lasted two decades. After all, not everyone is buying a collector’s palette of watches. Some people want just one special piece that will hold its value and become an heirloom. The ad, it seems, has also held its value and become an iconic phrase for luxury watches.

patek philippe ladie's calatrava watch
patek philippe ladie’s calatrava watch

Patek Philippe actually launched the innovative ad campaign at the same time it opened its Manufacture in Plan-les-Quates (outside Geneva), which brought together all of its free-standing ateliers under one state-of-the-art roof. At the same time, the brand inaugurated its own luxury magazine for owners of Patek Philippe original cream diamond dial watches.

The initial reaction to the emotional advertisement, which depicted a father and a son, met with descriptions ranging from “cheesy” to strongly emotional and powerful. Some critics thought the brand was arrogant, while others thought the message was superbly targeted to lure in new Patek Philippe followers.

Five years after its launch, the ad campaign was the subject of a 2011 article entitled “Luxury Branding the Future Leaders of the World” that ran on  The Last Psychiatrist. In that article, the author leads by saying:

patek philippe 18k rose gold quartz imitation watch
patek philippe 18k rose gold quartz imitation watch

“Want to go buy a $100 patek philippe ladies rose gold diamond watch?  In 2009-14? Hell yeah, let me get my coat.” And later in the article assesses that the ad is not targeted to the top 1 percent, but rather, “The target demo is the Aspirational 14%.   They know they are supposed to like quality and goodness and etiquette and discretion, but no one ever taught them what those things look like, so when someone does point it out to them they will go all in.”

In other words, it was the first time an ad actually pointed out: this is a very special watch and brand. Of course, maybe another brand could not have pulled this message off as successfully as Patek Philippe, which was then, as it remains today, a benchmark in haute horology. The ad called to the emotional side of the buying decision, drawing a close relationship between the owners of a Patek Philippe, the quality of what they are wearing and the assurance that the watch and the brand would be there for the long haul …. generations.

The original ads were conceived of by Leagas Delaney, London advertising agency, whose team developed the idea of placing the emphasis of the ad on the owner of a Patek Philippe and what he would get (emotionally speaking) from the purchase, vs. focusing on the watch itself.

Patek Philippe SA
Patek Philippe SA

The message relied on photographs of fathers and sons or mothers and daughters sharing special, real-life moments. World-renowned photographers including Peggy Sirota, Peter Lindbergh, Glen Luchford and others captured the concepts. Just over 10 years after its launch, in 2007, the campaign won the Prix Suisse de la campagne horlogère de l’année Swiss award for patek philippe ladies’ gondolo serata quartz white gold & diamonds watch advertising of the year.

Over the years, the campaign has been tweaked subtly, evolving to keep current with the times, but never diluting the concept. This year, the brand unveiled four new ads with photographs that showcase three generations together for a powerful impact and story of family ties and heirloom moments.

Today, as the family-owned brand – passed through four generations now — celebrates 20 years of a highly successful ad campaign, it also celebrates 20 years of the highly coveted twice-a-year Patek Philippe Magazine. In fact, the publication is distributed to more than half a million people in 175 countries and is published in eight different languages. My guess is, though, that as coveted, as the magazine may be, consumers are not holding on to the issues for the next generation, just the fake patek philippe quartz movement watches.

Patek Philippe Plans A Replica Watch Exhibition In New York

Patek Philippe gold men’s replica watches worth hundreds of millions of dollars are set to go on display at a grand-scale public exhibition in New York this summer.

The family-owned luxury Swiss copy watch brand intends to present more than 400 pieces from its current and museum collections during a 10-day exhibition beginning July 13. It has held public exhibitions in Dubai, Munich and, most recently, London in spring 2015.

Patek Philippe exhibition

But “this scale of exhibition has never been done in this country before,” said Larry Pettinelli, president of the Henri Stern unique split-seconds perpetual calendar replica Watch Agency, Patek Philippe’s American subsidiary.

The house will invite retailers from each of its 95 sale points across the United States to attend the exhibition, “The Art of Watches, Grand Exhibition New York 2017,” with a guest. But Patek Philippe says the exhibition isn’t just for retailers, collectors and its best customers. “We’re always talking about how to reach the 20-something generation,” Mr. Pettinelli said. “Even if they’re not financially prepared to buy a high-end Patek Philippe watch, it’s nice to get them involved in understanding what watchmaking is and specifically what Patek Philippe is.”

patek philippe nautilus mens stainless steel watch

Mr. Pettinelli expects the exhibition to draw at least 20,000 visitors; the London event tallied 42,500 visitors.

The company will build what Mr. Pettinelli calls a “two-story pop-up museum” inside the 1921 Italian Renaissance-style building on 42nd Street that houses a Cipriani restaurant. The 15,000-square-foot exhibition will have a series of rooms, each with a display telling a different part of the brand’s story. And some of the company’s artisans will travel to New York for enameling, engraving and gem-setting demonstrations.

Mr. Pettinelli expects the American room, created for the New York exhibition, to be the highlight.
Patek Philippe ladies watch
It will feature watches made in the early 20th century for the banker Henry Graves Jr. and the automobile manufacturer James Ward Packard. The two men commissioned some of the world’s most complex pocket fashion replica Patek Philippe watches, including the Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication, which was sold by Sotheby’s in 2014 for $24 million, the most ever paid for a watch at auction. “The Graves and Packard watches are a big part of the history of the U.S.,” Mr. Pettinelli said.

Entry will be free to the public, with no reservation required. “We want to expose Patek Philippe aquanaut dual time black dial rubber strap automatic replica watch and the world of  watchmaking to people who maybe don’t know about Patek Philippe,” Mr. Pettinelli said, “but are interested in learning.”

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