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patek philippe calatrava replica once again proved itself as the banker collection for British retailers in the UK in 2016. At a briefing in London today, Peter Miller, who heads the training, exhibitions and in-store display team for Patek Philippe, said that the Calatrava accounts for around 50% of all …

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Patek Philippe’s US President, Larry Pettinelli, recently paid a visit to the Beverly Hills boutique at Geary’s where he talked about what is moving the needle with luxury cheap patek philippe replica watch buyers and motivating his brand in the year to come. What are some of the timepieces and …

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Guitarist Eric Clapton’s patek philippe replica watches have been appearing more frequently at auction over the last couple of years. Clapton, of course, is a well-known collector of rare and outstanding timepieces primarily by Patek Philippe and Rolex. Last year, for example, his ultra-rare Rolex Cosmograph Oyster Daytona Albino Reference …