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March 2017

Patek Philippe Replica Moments of eternity

An icon of feminine elegance that transcends fleeting fashions, the Calatrava by Patek Philippe Replica alternates between extravagance, with a splendid Flamme® setting, or the discretion of a total white look. One watch, two styles, a shared characteristic : timeless charm.

Time passes and icons remain unscathed. Since the launch of the first Calatrava in 1932, Replica Patek Philippe has achieved the feat of preserving the supremely timeless appeal of this extremely refined model. Never out of fashion and expressing the quintessence of aestheticism through the absolute purity of its shapes, the Calatrava has made its way through the decades while losing nothing of its classically restrained style, yet finding means of reinventing itself in subtle ways. In its ongoing quest for eternity, Patek Philippe has thus been careful to avoid endowing the Calatrava with any particular trend elements, instead wisely anchoring it in each passing era.

The secret of such longevity doubtless lies in its round shape, its slim silhouette and its mechanical heart that has always been a perfect match for men’s watches. It also resides in a judicious blend of modernity and classicism, ancestral expertise and aesthetic innovation, cleverly distilled over time. The two new Calatrava models unveiled this year are a magnificent demonstration of this approach. Christened Calatrava “Timeless White”, reference 7122 draws its strength from the pure, understated lines of the very first Calatrava, reference 96. But this time it appears draped in an all-white mantle that highlights diamonds. So as to provide more room for gemsetting, the ultra-thin pink or white gold case features a new construction featuring integrated lugs that appear to flow into the case. This space gives free rein to the exceptional dexterity of Patek Philippe artisans who, by using brilliant-cut diamonds or various dimensions, have succeeded in setting the lateral strings right to the outermost tips, thereby eliminating the need for the customary “filling grains”. At the heart of this precious halo, the lacquered white dial shines with matchless purity, an immaculate stage gracefully danced across by the hours, minutes and small seconds hands. Backstage, the show is equally remarkable with a mechanical 215 PS caliber whose extreme precision guarantees a tolerance of -3/+2seconds per day, a margin far more stringent than ordinary requirements.

Calatrava “Timeless White”, reference 7122
: white or pink gold set with diamonds, water-resistant to 30m
Diameter: 33mm
Movement: mechanical manually wound, Caliber 215 PS, 44h power reserve
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds
Dial: white lacquered and polished, hour-markers with hobnail pattern in 18K gold
Caseback: sapphire crystal
Strap: pearly white alligator leather with large square scales

Keeping the flamme
While time is also marked off by an ultra-thin caliber whose superb finishing and 22K gold rotor can be admired through the sapphire caseback, the new Calatrava reference 7200/200R bearing the Patek Philippe Seal is essentially distinguished by its luminous new apparel. To accentuate this model with the fire of diamonds, Patek Philippe has developed a new type of gemsetting technique named Flamme®. The pink gold bezel of the watch is thus adorned with 142 diamonds in two staggered rows using a clever yet delicate technique. After bending over each diamond a small gold prong serving to secure it on one side, the gemsetter “splits” the gold between the diamonds using a sharp flat burin. Pushed aside, the gold material forms small supports that secure the two diamonds on either side of the groove. The result is stunning. Once polished, the thin apertures allow the light to shine through from below and be reflected even more radiantly. Supreme jewelry-making mastery that offers a beautiful moment of eternity to the woman who chooses the Calatrava.

fake patek philippe 150th anniversary

Sotheby’s To Offer Counterfeit Patek Philippe Caliber 89: Will It Smash The $24 Million Record?

The Caliber 89, one of the world’s most replica patek philippe supercomplication watches, will be up for auction in May. The pocket watch was unveiled in 1989 to celebrate Patek Philippe’s 150-year anniversary. At the time, it was the world’s most complicated watch, and held that record for 26 years. The original Caliber 89 was made in yellow gold, followed by three other pieces, in rose gold, white gold and platinum, delivered nine years later. Sotheby’s is offering the original yellow gold version at an auction in Geneva on May 14, with an estimate of $6.4-million to $9.9-million. The most recent auction of the yellow gold Caliber 89 was in 2009 at Antiquorum, where it sold for just over $5-million. But bidding could drive that price much higher. The current record for a wrist-only watch sold at auction, for example, is $11-million, for a Patek Philippe Ref.1518 sold by Phillips Bacs & Russo last November. Bidding had started at $3-million.

fake patek philippe 150th anniversary
fake patek philippe 150th anniversary

The current record for a pocket watch sold at auction is $24-million, for the Patek Phillipe Henry Graves Supercomplication, with 24 complications, sold by Sotheby’s in 2014. The Caliber 89 has 33 complications, nine more than the Graves. With 24 hands, two dials, 61 bridges, 129 jewels, 184 wheels, 332 screws, 415 pinions, 429 mechanical components and 1,728 total components, the Caliber 89 it stands as the most complicated watch ever made by Patek Philippe. Daryn Schnipper, chairman of Sotheby’s international watch division, comments, “This is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary timepieces we’ve ever had the privilege to offer. Having set a world record for any timepiece with the sale of Patek Philippe’s Henry Graves Supercomplication, it is wonderful to have the opportunity to offer yet another unique piece of such horological genius and importance.” In addition to a tourbillon escapement, rattrapante chronograph, perpetual calendar, equation of time and an astronomical sun hand, the watch has a unique calendar that displays the date of Easter every year. It is 88.2mm wide and 41.07mm thick, and its functions are driven by three mainspring barrels. The Caliber 89 will be exhibited by Sotheby’s in Dubai from March 14-18 and in Hong Kong March 31-April 4.

fake patek philippe wrist watches

Top-notch Fake Philippe Patek Brings $227,000 At Auction

WHAT: When a 9-year-old wrist fake watch sells for $227,000 in competitive bidding at auction, it has to be special.

In a recent $3.6 million Antiquorum sale of fine timepieces and jewelry, a Patek Philippe Ref. 5971 proved why it is “top of the market,” as the house put it. For starters, the watch has more complications than Bayer has aspirin. Begin with a perpetual calendar and a square button chronograph, then add 24-hour indication, moon phases and a tachometer.

MORE: The solid platinum case back and platinum buckle, which is set with diamonds, are elegant. Gems on the buckle are calibrated while those surrounding the dial (the bezel) are matched baguettes.

fake patek philippe wrist watches
fake patek philippe wrist watches

SMART COLLECTORS KNOW: At the very top, exclusivity centers on model name and number.

HOT TIP: The timepiece sold with its original fitted box, certificate of origin, and setting pin. At this level, paperwork is vital and adds to salability.

BOTTOM LINE: Though specific Rolex and Omega watches sell high, fine replica patek philippe perpetual calendar automatic rose gold case with black dial have led the secondary market for decades. In this sale, international bidders also pushed values high on watches by Franck Muller, Richard Mille and Chopard.

FYI: When Sotheby’s London recently announced the highest result ($240.8 million) for any London auction, ever, was it surprising that no buyer in the top 10 was identified by name? “Anonymous” and “private collector” led the buyers, including a Gustav Klimt painting, “Bauerngarten,” for $59.3 million.

replica patek philippe nautilus mens stainless steel watches

Copy Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph

Ask people about their favorite Nautilus, and you can expect a variety of answers. Some prefer the original time-only model in steel; others want a moon phase or a precious metal. We fell in love, at its introduction in 2014, with the Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph.

It is still surprising that a uk cheap replica watches that has so much going on can still look so pure and close to the original Nautilus, as sketched by Gérald Genta. The key here is the symmetry of the dial design: Two round subdials above each other at the median of the dial, with on each side a day/night indicator, one for home and one for local time. These subdials are by no means small, as they are clearly designed to be read with a high degree of ease.  By allowing the embossed horizontal pattern of the dial to go through the subdial  Patek achieved a visual symbiosis, that makes the Nautilus functional as well as beautiful.

replica patek philippe nautilus mens stainless steel watches
replica patek philippe nautilus mens stainless steel watches

Functionality is also at the forefront of operating the Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph. The crown only has two positions: one to set the watch and one to wind it. Since it is fitted with an automatic movement, this means that the crown will be screwed down most of the time, taking full advantage of the watch 120 meters water-resistance. This is quite a feat since this Nautilus has four pushers. Two of them are obviously present on the right side of the watch and control the chronograph functions. The ones on the left are actually integrated into the famous case design. They allow for the second time zone, indicated by the skeletonized hand, to be moved one hour forwards or backward.

To prevent this from having a negative effect on the amplitude of the watch this function is insulated from the rest of the movement when the second time zone is changed. This is achieved by an innovative disk clutch, which also facilitates the chronograph, which features, of course, a column wheel. To achieve all this, Patek Philippe created a completely new movement for the Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph, which can be admired through the glass case back of the watch. There you can also admire the 21K gold oscillating weight, which powers the movement.

replica patek philippe nautilus travel time chronograph
replica patek philippe nautilus travel time chronograph

It is the way in which Patek Philippe incorporated these two practical complications into the Nautilus that make this replica patek philippe nautilus with blue dial watch so special. It does not dilute the strong DNA of the original Nautilus, yet at the same time you do have a complicated watch around your wrist, with a technically advanced and impressive movement, making the Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph pretty much the best in everything.

replica patek philippe pilot

Sebastian’s Replica Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time

If you like pilot’s watches, you need to head to the nearest airshow immediately. Irrespective of whether your eyeline lifts up to the craft in the air, or stays firmly on wrists, an airshow will give you more of a chance to spot aviation related watches than just about any other place. This setting – Avalon airshow, on the outskirts of Geelong – is where I spotted this dashing Patek Philippe 5524G, AKA the patek philippe replica watches sale Pilot Travel Time.

It’s a watch that Felix and I hotly debated when it was released a couple of years ago. To recap, the topline quote was this: “The replica patek philippe calatrava automatic rose gold case diamond watches Pilot Travel Time is the watch that’s confusing the most people at Baselworld 2015. While the familiar Patek quality is there, that is pretty much the only thing about this watch people are associating with the name on the dial.” We wondered, not only then, but several times throughout the year, whether it would be worn by real pilots, or by mere earthbound Patek collectors?

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